Invited Speakers

Keynote Speaker 1Metropolitan Job of Pisidia (Ihor Getscha)TRLiturgy in Diaspora
Keynote Speaker 2Fr. Silviu N. BuntaUS"Its time for the Lord to make": thoughts on translating the Liturgy with an "I" toward being made
Panel 1 Liturgy in the "Diaspora" and New ContextsMaria Takala-RoszczenkoFINPanel coordination
Daniel BengaDEThe kiss of peace among the laity in the Divine Liturgy: history, contemporary rubrics and liturgical practice
Ioan MogaAUTHoly Unction and community building. A romanian orthodox phenomenon in the Diaspora and the limits of an “Euchelaic” Ecclesiology
Vassa LarinAUTPraying Between Sundays in the 21st Century Diaspora: Rediscovering the Liturgical Hours & Days in the 24/7 Internet Age
Ivan BirrFRThe Byzantine tradition in France : Toward a new liturgical paradigm
Panel 2: Liturgical Renewal (as reflected in liturgical books)Alexandru IonițăROPanel coordination
Thomas Pott, OSBITFrom the Anthologion of Arcudios to Liturgical Apps and E-Books: Reflections on the 'Spirit of Liturgy'
Aleksandr AndreevNOR

Challenges of Creating Liturgical Books in the Vernacular: the Case of a Prophetologion in Russian

Andriy DudchenkoUAAttempts for liturgical renewal in the new editions of the Orthodox liturgical books in Ukraine
Vasyl RudeykoUA

Digitalisation as a help on the way to liturgical renewal

Mihail K. QaramahROThe renewal and standardization of the “Romanian” Leitourgikon between the 16th c. - early 18th c.
Panel 3: Editions of liturgical books David Heith-Stade AUTPanel coordination
Chrysostomos NassisGR

Contemporary Athonite Editions of Greek Liturgical Books and Their Migrations from Coenobium to Parish

Vitaly PermiakovUS

The Priest's Service Book (Sluzhebnik) in English Translation (20th - 21st cent.): Prayers and Rubrics

Daniel GaladzaITThe Codification of Liturgy in Liturgical Books: Theory vs Practice
András DobosHUN

Issues, results and lessons of the Hungarian Greek Catholic Church in connection with the publication of liturgical books

Thomas NémethAUTGerman liturgical translations. A critical review.
Panel 4: Liturgical Translation and MusikDaniel GaladzaITPanel coordination
Alexandru IonițăROTranslating "Jews" and "Synagogue" in the Byzantine Liturgical Chant Books: Case Study Romania
Damaskinos of Xenophontos (Olkinuora)FINThe Literary and Musical Challenges in Translating Liturgical Texts into Finnic Languages
Gregory TuckerDE

Translations & Tunes in Englisch-speaking Contexts.

Olga Lossky-LahamFRThe Challenge of Translating Byzantine Hymnography into French: an Inculturation of the Liturgical Tradition?
Elias HaslwanterAUTGerman Translations of the Divine Liturgy. Presentation and Reflection on the New Translation of the Greek Metropolis of Austria
Invited participants for discussion:
Claudia RappAUT
Eirini AfentoulidouAUT
Monika SeidlerAUT
Anatolij LazeskiIT